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There IS a manual for parenting!

Why aren't more families succeeding when we have so much knowledge and information available to us?

Why do we still believe that there is no 'manual' for parenting. It's time to write the manual!

 I can easily see that what I need to do is to define successive approximations for the end state of my book.  Not by asking what chapters it will have, but rather, what will someone know after reading it?  How will they feel?

And most importantly, what will they do, and how will their lives be different as a result?  Because that is what will determine what has to go into the book, and in what order.

The Extraordinary Family Life Formula IS the Manual on Parenting

Extraordinary Families Start as Ordinary Ones

Better Family Life

Why Most Parenting Techniques Don't Work

Family Development

What is an Extraordinary Family?

All Extraordinary Families Have These Things in Common

Better Family Lifestyle

Family Vision Boards

Create the Life of Your Dreams

Better Family Systems

Help Things Go Right Instead of Fixing the Problem

Better Family Lifestyle

Better Family Culture

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