How to Create Resilience in Your Family During Hard Times

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

When I posted yesterday (or the day before?)

I mentioned that I had some ideas to help our families "prepare for winter".

But first I have to tell you...

(So you have some background before I share them with you in a minute.)

Greg (my husband) and I have been talking about 'preparing'... a lot.

And we've had some discussions with our teens.

It's kind of an ongoing joke now (I'll explain)...

Last week we talked to our teens about the crisis and Greg said,

"I feel like swearing right now..."

(He NEVER swears. In fact, after 19 years of marriage, I've never heard him say anything worse than 'damn' or 'hell'...

...which aren't even swear words in Australia, as our religious Aussie friends tell us.

As for me swearing? Ahem... well, that's another story that I MIGHT share some time.) {sheepish grin}

Back to this story...

...when dad said he felt like swearing, the kids KNEW it was a big deal.

He told them, "I feel like swearing, cuz 'stuff' just got real."

He was quoting Hunt for the Wilderpeople that we watched together some weeks ago (hilarious!),

...and that's a line from it... except they actually say the 'S' word.


We essentially told them that because coronavirus is 'closing the earth' (as they said in their music video)...

...the global economy will be experiencing an economic downturn.

Greg said, "I wish it didn't have to happen in your lifetime. But it has.

So we better buckle up and get ready."

Back to the 'ongoing joke'...

Every day there's some new report out about what's happening 'out there' in the world...

  • $2 trillion in a stimulus package (NOT necessarily a good thing long-term if it leads to inflation Definitely not good to go further in debt. As Motley Fool said in back in 2008 (and potentially applicable):

The answer is pretty clear to anyone who's taken Econ 101 -- you can't just pull money out of a hat and not have negative consequences on the economy, such as rampant inflation and a plunging dollar. ​