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The Coronavirus Economic Impact: You Can't Stop Winter From Coming... But You Can Put On Your Coat

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Just wondering...

Has anyone ever tried to stop winter from coming?

Yeah, I mean winter the season.


I know, I know.

It would be ridiculous to try.

No matter how many times you checked the weather each day...

Or how long you refused to change out of your shorts and flip flops...

Or how many people believed 'winter' was all a conspiracy...

It still wouldn't stop it from coming.

Have you ever tried to stop the baby from coming once labor began?

All mothers know there is no turning back once the time has come.

That's because there's something deeper at work.

Something bigger than we are...

...a reminder that we are all just a tiny part of a greater whole -- a whole that WE don't control.

That something is called "Seasons and Cycles".

Spring turns to Summer which turns to Autumn which turns to Winter and then back to Spring.

We can't stop it from happening.

To fight the changing of the seasons would be a futile waste of effort.

Not to mention extremely stressful.

There are just some things that are out of our personal control.

Accepting what's out of our control as 'the way things are' helps us to adapt ourselves to the inevitable changes they bring.

Seasons are one of of those things.

So is the current global crisis.

Checking the news...


Continuing to go on with 'life as normal'...

Or considering conspiracy theories won't change what IS right now.

But there ARE things you CAN do.

When the seasons change you can put on your coat.

You can turn up the thermometer in your house.

You can buy boots if necessary.

What's happening is happening.

You might be stuck at home but there is still plenty within your control.

Like how you use your time...

How you use your body...

The thoughts you choose to believe... (

The food you eat...

How you structure your day...

How you love and support those you care about (even if you can't physically touch them)...


I know that spring is blossoming in many parts of the world.

But winter -- or at least stormy weather -- is upon us.

Control what you CAN control.

Put on your coat.


Well, first off, stop acting like this is an extended vacation.

It's not.

Winter is coming. You need to get ready.

The world may never be the same.

(In the last two weeks, 9.9 million people have filed for unemployment... that's kind of a big deal.)

That doesn't mean we should panic or stress out.

But it does mean we should stop binge-watching Netflix.

And playing video games.

And eating junk food.

And waiting for our kids to go back to school.

Or for our lives to go back to 'normal'.

It DOES mean we should keep (or start) IMPROVING ourselves...

And LEADING our families.

I have a few specific ideas for doing that.

Things I've learned after spending 24/7/365 with my husband and 4, 5, 6, then 7 kids in 37+ countries on 5 continents for the past 13 years.

I'll share them soon.

Until then, like I said...

(Click the link above if you would like to continue this conversation and learn 'how' to prepare.)


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