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You Know how you always say...

turn up the sound ^^^^

" first I thought, "Man, how am I going to be able to do this. I am [already] doing too much!" Then as I have been watching the videos, I realized that I need this.

I have had a lot of ups and downs and I now realize that I have made things worse with the way I react to my situation. I am glad I have tools now to get out of this pattern. Thanks Greg and Rachel."


-- C. L.




"I'm so incredibly happy with my progress! I never would have had this kind of momentum without this [challenge and] group!!"

-- K. D.


"I made HUGE improvements in our family culture! We are dealing better with each other, and working on speaking nicer! I also read 3 books..."

-- Kelly C.

"I've found more direction and drive. The best part has been the change in our family. My husband has been listening to the trainings with me, we are lucky to work together from home, and without any nagging or begging, he has started changing the way he thinks and has made some great changes. We are excited to finally be moving in a direction of our choosing."

-- Heidi S.

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